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Briefly, mission is the corporate identity and basis of the existence of an organization, and it answers this question: "what is the basis of my existence?" that is "Why do I exist?"
Municipalities are public organizations which are founded to meet common civil needs of the town and its people. In our developing and changing world, needs of our people and cities are rapidly changing and getting diverse. In parallel with economic and social developments, in a society whose basic needs are met, new demands emerge. Municipalities, organizations serving to meet the mutual needs of its people and area, must develop the town and meet the needs of its people sturdily and sustainably.
Municipalities are obliged to give services in many different fields such as planning cities, enabling settlements suitable for housing; and providing infrastructure services such as water, channel, roads, etc.; facilities which are essential needs for a public life such as parks, parking lots, playgrounds, sports areas and facilities; workplace audits for public health, taking necessary measures for public order, cleaning of the town, protecting the environment, providing social welfare for people in need, as well as organizing cultural activities. Apart from these duties, new duties and authorizations have been given to Municipalities with the Municipality Law no. 5393. Duties and authorizations such as emergency help, rescuing, ambulance, city traffic, tourism, advertisements, preschool education; maintenance, repairing and meeting the equipment needs of public schools have been given, along with services including protection of health facilities, cultural and natural heritage, as well as duties and authorizations regarding the economic development such as "developing the economy and commerce".
Considering the duties of municipalities, it is seen that municipalities are given responsibilities in every phase of a person from birth to death. Therefore, municipalities are organization with strategic importance for developments of cities and meeting common needs of its people.
The fact that municipalities actively acco
mplish these duties, make the town a settlement where people live with peach and prosperity. For that reason, Ümraniye Municipality regards "transforming Ümraniye into a city where people live with peace and prosperity" as its mission.

Vision is a realist, trustable and attractive future for an organization. It is an ideal and hope embraced by groups of people. More definitively, Vision is the answer which an organization gives for this question: "What do we want to be".
Public administrations, whose basis of existence is to meet common needs and which creates services with authorization and resources of its people, have been criticized for a long time. There are many criticisms claiming that resources are wasted, opinions and assessments of the people are ignored, there is an intense bureaucracy that is called as "stationery", and solutions are compromised just for being loyal to formalities. Having expected support from government and seen themselves obliged to account before this organization, the society and individual have come to a phase in which they are active, rather than passive, as the culture of democracy and liberties are improved. Being aware that public administrations were founded to serve them, therefore the real boss is them, societies are not satisfied with what is provided.
Increasing numbers of critics to public administrations also include municipalities, which are local organizations of a public administration. As they are closer to public, activities of municipalities are followed by more people, more closely; and this makes a basis for criticisms.
As Municipalities are public orga
nizations which are founded to serve people in the area, and the area itself, they provide services for the area and the people. Therefore, quality for municipalities means the services to be provided for the town and the people should be in the desired level.
Here, the importance of efficiency, productivity and timing in the quality concept should not be ignored. Therefore, quality concept for municipalities should include: services for the town and its people should have the desired features, products and services should be ready on time in an efficient and productive way.
It is not enough for a service of municipality to have the features for the service, or to be produced in an efficient and productive way on time. This service, at the same time, should be provided to satisfy the citizens, which is also important.
Citizens have been raising their expectations from municipality services for their quality and quantity. Now, not just more services, but more quality services are demanded.
Ümraniye Municipality have set its vision as providing services, which its people are expecting from the municipality, in an efficient and productive way; and with these projects, becoming a model for other organizations and institutions.